Tips for Traveling with Family?

Going on vacation with your family is probably something you look forward to all year if you’re like most people. After all, you probably don’t get out of the office for more than a weekend most of the time. Traveling with family isn’t always ...Read More

Malaysia Earth Day Run 2016

Earth Day Run is back on the year 2016. Fast forward from 2015 where I ran my first Earth Day Run. The Earth Day Run 2016 in Malaysia is held at Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur. What can I say is that the run this ...Read More

Visit the Beaches in Cuba

Those that know me, knows I love beaches and diving as my favorite holiday destination. One of my favorite is visiting distant countries to get to know about the different underwater wildlife and also the culture. This time it is all the way to ...Read More

Daniel Chew’s 2015 Memoirs

Time is now 2:47am dated 1st January 2016 and the new year has come to welcome us to embrace what is unknown as of now to us. As for this blogger who has been away for the past few months, with very little updates ...Read More