Travel to Top Casinos in the World

Sometimes we travel for leisure, sometimes for business, sometimes just to hang out and see where does the next destination leads us to. Well, there was once I would love to travel maybe to Las Vegas, to see how the city known as a ...Read More

Travel & Relax at Fiji Island

Fiji has got to be one of the best places for me to plan to visit. I mean just look at the pictures of this place. A trip or an escapade to an island sanctuary has always been what I’ve wanted to do when ...Read More

Wedding of Benjamin and Priscilla

Congratulations once again Benjamin and Priscilla on your wedding at Jalan Imbi Chapel. It was a great pleasure to know that someone I knew since my Sunday School days is finally married. I was approached by the groom to be a backup photographer. Since ...Read More

Wedding of Jenny and Zhong

Congratulations once again to Jenny and Zhong Jye (their playful names) for their wedding that was held in Melaka town of Malaysia. It was a hot Sunday morning and this time I have the opportunity to shoot the process outside where the ‘hengdais’ (bros) ...Read More

South Americas best casinos

Visiting new places is one of the many reasons why people go on holidays and South America in particular is somewhere that many people have never visited before. It can be incredibly exciting to visit a country with a completely different culture to yours ...Read More