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Sexy Mouse and Pad

Those days, if you still remember when I was a very very very small time blogger (okay I am still a small time blogger but those days I was very very***), I did some random postings on the blog and it became part of ...Read More

I Need A Photobook

Here I go again, going to plan my next travel plan. Due to me working in a new environment, leaves are still not available for the taking yet, just because I want to save them for the next trip. Plans are made to go ...Read More

Recent Failed Web Hostings

Hmm… wonder how it feels like, to see your website going down and suddenly , you have a page error, please contact your website administrator. Or an Error 404 page. Haha.. I think you guys/gals know what I am talking about, especially Satkuru who ...Read More

Geeky Video Conversion

Good morning, man… it’s so tiring. Yeah, recently why have I been writing programming codes is due to me working in a new working environment and my mind is full of codes and programming stuffs. Indeed…. until even someone mentioned in the comments that ...Read More

Give Me Some SnapBomb

Remember when we were kids, we used to play this card game call Snap. Well, if you kind of forgotten what it is, here’s a look of one of a sample cards that plays Snap like game. Now the game plan is simple, two ...Read More

Made New Friends in SocialSpark

It’s been like a month since I joined SocialSpark and I must say I am really impressed with all the ongoings and stuffs. Though one thing I lacked though is not doing any available opportunities in SocialSpark yet. Maybe this is the first one ...Read More

Petrol Rise RM2.70 Crazy Cars

Crazy Price Hike?? Petrol is what I am talking about. Well, previously we have been talking of the highest price hike was RM0.40 cents and people were complaining already. Now it’s RM0.78 and with every mind of Malaysians, well, kinda kiasu in a way, ...Read More

Web Hosting Information

Shocked…. Amazed… Now why would I feel that? Those of you who know will know that it has been like few years back or rather just a year ago that I registered my domain and found a web host. Then suddenly out of the ...Read More

Assmble Your Own PC

Modem Fried. CPU fried. What else??? Even my hard disk crashed on me. Time to get a new computer? Well, this scenario did happened to me a few years back. Back then the only possible solution I can think of is just get a ...Read More