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Lead Dog Leads You

If you have snow in your area, or you live in Alaska, you definitely heard of sled racing. Choosing a good lead dog will help you lead the pack and lead to the finish line. ...Read More

No Viagra No Power

Bet you didn’t know but after getting information from around the blogosphere, it looks like YinsiYat of yinsiyat.com has got a very important secret. Well, so it’s best you all keep quiet and don’t tell him about that, because it’s a very very big ...Read More

Train to be MCSE Certified

Looks like I am back now and yes once again, I suddenly dread why is my holidays coming to an end. Anyway I guessed it’s time for me to carry on. Well, one thing though I am always clueless during my college years are ...Read More

.:. Stop And Stare ♥ .:.

Greetings everyone. So, I guess another guest blogger has beaten me into blogging in this weird web portal eh? HEY popsikolaz! 🙂 Well, my name might be unfamiliar to most readers of this blog so here’s a somewhat… brief introduction (that is if I ...Read More

goal the dream?

maciam writing all your dreams into one paper and throwing into a dustbin. after many throws sure will masuk once kan? *laughs* sorry. i am so lost between reality and dreams. dreams can turn into reality but sometimes with the harshness of reality, dreams ...Read More


it has been a superb long time since i blogged. i thought start out with something more…easy (yes, i am “tao lan”-ing 😛 ) stole this meme from one of my absolute fav artist’s livejournal. sometimes i don’t know whether i like him cause ...Read More

pipupipu…*landed on weirdweird land*

ngekngekngek* since Uncle Daniel is away climbing some mountain (please do not call him Uncle, he will kill me! i am serious. it was an old inside jokeT_T) bulat’s here to play!!!!: D: D *runs around throwing chocolate sprinkles* but i deny the weirdness ...Read More

Does Your Webhosting Sucks

Well, so far mine didn’t. But I have questions coming from friends and bloggers alike as to where is the best place to host their blog. Well… not that I don’t want to help them, but there are tonnes and to say that anyone ...Read More

I finance My Home easily

The election has ended, but life goes on. Now I have to think about what to do with my income. Sometimes I think, getting a mortgage refinance for my house is sometimes way way hard. Yeah, I have a house to pay, every month, ...Read More