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what to do?

since uncle daniel is away. lemme pollute his blog with this question in my mind everytime i kaikai 3some. introducing the i, ms.bulat have been a lightbulb for manymanymany (cannot count finish) years. (the greatest feeling is when you walk in IKEA’s Lightbulb section. ...Read More

Sawatdee Kaa~

i’m ms.bulat reporting in. heh* uncle Dan (that’s what i call him :P) is gonna kill me when he finds out i’m super late in taking care of his blog. *uh-hm* just a small update first to beautify his blog to cover my ‘ka-cheng’ ...Read More

goal the dream?

maciam writing all your dreams into one paper and throwing into a dustbin. after many throws sure will masuk once kan? *laughs* sorry. i am so lost between reality and dreams. dreams can turn into reality but sometimes with the harshness of reality, dreams ...Read More


it has been a superb long time since i blogged. i thought start out with something more…easy (yes, i am “tao lan”-ing 😛 ) stole this meme from one of my absolute fav artist’s livejournal. sometimes i don’t know whether i like him cause ...Read More

pipupipu…*landed on weirdweird land*

ngekngekngek* since Uncle Daniel is away climbing some mountain (please do not call him Uncle, he will kill me! i am serious. it was an old inside jokeT_T) bulat’s here to play!!!!: D: D *runs around throwing chocolate sprinkles* but i deny the weirdness ...Read More