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Sawatdee Kaa~

i’m ms.bulat reporting in. heh* uncle Dan (that’s what i call him :P) is gonna kill me when he finds out i’m super late in taking care of his blog. *uh-hm* just a small update first to beautify his blog to cover my ‘ka-cheng’ ...Read More

Blog In Error Again

Anyway here's a glimpse of what the only thing nice to shoot at Guong Zhao. I am not able to update properly due to this isn't my own PC or laptop so this is the best I can offer right now. ...Read More

Freaking jam.

You know what’s horrible? To have the 2nd day of your uni ended at 5.30pm but only reaching home at 8pm. That’s 2.5 hours wasted. 2.5 hours of my youth. Of life. Of time to study (As if I did). Of productivity (In contribution ...Read More

Very funny.

Very funny, Daniel, for running off having fun and leaving me with this. *wipes thin layer of dust off danielctw.com* Hai everyone, it’s me again (as if you remember who I am). No, I’m not the famous pretty Sae Wei as many would have ...Read More

Away To Island Trip

I won’t be around again for 3 days this time, and as usual, it’s that time of year again. Doing my yearly travels everytime it hits the month of May. So where do I go next? Well, let’s say it’s a free trade zone. ...Read More

WWD is Glambert-fied.

He’s THE saint of all suaveness and hotness. Every teenage girl (exception for me and a few others who are older)’s Edward Cullen. He’s, I dare say, almost every girl’s secret fantasy perfect boyfriend. Oooh, yet it buuuurrrrnnnssss (Excuse me on this, been listening ...Read More

Who is this weird guest o.O

Heyo everybody, I know that I’m weird enough to help this weirdo fellow of mine to destroy his site just because he went to my hometown =X But I guess not a lot people know who I am to know where he’s off to. ...Read More

Become a News Photographer

Lately, I have been thinking of the real purpose of taking photos. I have been going to events and taking random photos of other people which aren’t worth to display other than keeping it for memories sake. From there, the platform exists for people ...Read More

Emo doesn’t really exist.

It’s been more than half an hour but my mind’s blank. How often do people get this- writer’s block. When Daniel had asked me about reviving his almost dead blog here a couple of nights ago, I had so many ideas running in my ...Read More