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A few days ago, or rather 3 days ago. This blog Weird Weird Denial and it’s other blog owned by the owner Daniel was down and thus it badly affected my ads network and also to readers who read the entries here.

In this time of trouble, I was actually wondering why does this has to happen when I am overseas, somewhere internet access is very scarce and not able to check all the time. Lucky that one of my friends who came along with me to Lhasa, Tibet, China brought a laptop and I was able to fully diagnose the problem due to a preliminary check up by Exabytes. Though what I did was to modify the .htaccess to include the missing parameters.

I am glad that it was all sorted out.


Anyway here’s a glimpse of what the only thing nice to shoot at Guong Zhao. I am not able to update properly due to this isn’t my own PC or laptop so this is the best I can offer right now. I hope that you all will be able to stand my short short glimpse of updates until the time I am back in Malaysia which is about 22nd of September 2009, which is the 2nd day of the Hari Raya Puasa holidays.

Night View at Guong Zhao

If you’re wondering how I look right now, let’s say I can tell you that I have left a beard and mustache grew for 1 week, which makes me hairy. But once back to the hotel in Lhasa, it is all gone now and me being young again.

I have an idea or rather a different perspective, now I am thinking of shifting this blog to a new domain. Considering Google has penalised this with no page rank, I’ve decided in the coming future to start writing my travel logs in another whole new blog with a whole new identity. How’s that?


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