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Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon 2011 Craziness

International Hot Air Balloon Festival 2011 was held in Putrajaya with countries like Japan, Vietnam, Germany, etc participating to showcase their attractive Hot Air Balloons. Had a ride up the hot air balloon and it was splendid. Held from period of 17th March to 20th March 2011, it …

[Movie] Sucker Punch Was Fantastic

You know, I was the one who was laughing in the middle of the first fighting scenes with the samurai, when BabyDoll was using her powers. I was the one who was telling myself that this has got to be a sucky movie. It was what I first …

[Movie] I am Number Four

I had my hopes not so high after the disastrous movie in the title of Dragonball : Evolution. I am Number Four storyline is kinda wishy washy but also disturbs your mind. How weird can one be. I am Superman.

I’ve Got the Power with Sucker Punch

So Sucker Punch is a new movie for girls that turn into super heroes. Well more or less. Starring 5 girls who intend to break free from their captives. Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical) and Jamie Chung (RA3) stars

Penang Bridge Marathon 2010 Memory

In 2010, my craziest run ever was the 21km Penang Bridge Run 2010 (PBIM) which I ran at 330am and running in the rain. So much for a new experience. Fast forward 2011, it's time to prepare for the 42km full marathon.