Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon 2011 Craziness

It happened. It was March 19th 2011, the day that DanielCtw along with Yen went to attend the Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Festival 2011. The time was 0500 hours and it was the time that we set on our way towards Putrajaya. I woke up like 0400 hours in order to get ready.

Why did we get up so early? That is so that we could have a chance to go up the Hot Air Balloon and tickets were only sold per session. So we have to be the top 300 people in order to fly up per session. So the time was now 0530 hours and by the time we try to find the place to queue, the queue was already this long and there were many people. Talk about kiasu-ness.

Early Morning Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon 2011

One thing though, nowadays people are crazy, go so early for a 10 minutes ride up the balloon (yes…. super bananas 10 minutes only). Nevertheless sometimes it’s an experience one had to go through to get to sit on the hot air balloon. Besides, unless you’re a crazy weirdo adventurous and outgoing person like me, hmmm.. then maybe you will be able to get an outside chance to sit on a hot air balloon again. Oppps…

Getting back to the topic of the Hot Air Balloon Festival, taken many photos of the occasion. Of course, the pictures will definitely not be all shown here but maybe at a photo album in my Facebook. Here are some of the scenes in Putrajaya.

First Balloon To Be Seen

It was early morning, and the time is now 8am. This was the first of the balloons that were setup. Oh yeah, going back to how long the queue was, there were some disappointment to some kids who did not get to go into the balloon. Pity them but well, who is going to pity me? We finally get to purchase the ticket around 0900 hours. That was practically 3 hours of queuing.

More Hot Air Balloons

Finally balloons spotted. There was this one which was hanging upside down. Many people were worried. Though of course, there is definitely no way a balloon can go upside down. Wondered how these people think? Weird right?

Fire at Hot Air Balloon 2011

Of course, I was fascinated with the mechanism of the Hot Air Balloon. Well, as soon as I stepped in, I was looking at what the person in charge was doing. Imagine Dhalsim (from Street Fighter) doing Yoga Flame.

Dhalsim Yoga Flame

Finally our turn (Daniel and Yen) to go into the balloon. Sweet.

Inside the Hot Air Balloon

Now how does it look like inside? Empty. So much for your enthusiasm. As can be seen, two handles to handle the fire.

Time for Lift Off From the Ground

Finally we’re going up. Up and looking towards the many small people down there. What a sight.

Yen and Daniel up on balloon

Both of us up on the balloon and hmmm… I failed in taking a proper shot. Problem with a wide lens when you don’t adjust it earlier. Of course, after spending like 10 minutes above ground in the hot air balloon, it was time to touch ground once again.

What a short ride that was. Next year must try to get the VIP ride.

Yen Daniel Balloon Background Shot

Time to pose one for the camera. Who was taking this photo for us? No one. It was me and her. One thing about balloons, the only one I find attractive is the one from Japan. Welcome Mr Doraemon.

Doraemon Appears

Ang Ang Ang とても大好き。。ドラエモン

Doraemon greeted us out from the trees. Monstrous figure suddenly appear out of nowhere. Now where is Ultraman when you need him. Aside from that, speaking of Japan, let’s do our best we can to help our friends in Japan who suffered from the earthquake and tsunami attack. Spiritually and also if you are able to donate, why not?

Star Troopers Putrajaya

Star Troopers in Putrajaya? Star Wars? What has this got to do with International Hot Air Balloon Festival in Putrajaya? Well, we’ll see it later in the upcoming post.

By the way aside from all the balloons one can see, there are so many people and people would not just go there for the hot air balloons. So in order to keep the people happy, there are other tonnes of activities one could do there. Here is one of them.

Zorbing Ball

FirstInMalaysia.com.my Orbing is here for those who wants a thrill of being in a ball or a globe. It sure looks fun to me. Get yourself in the ball, and you’ll be rolled around in the ball from someone outside.

Of course there is a certain age limit.

Little Boy cannot play Zorb

That is this little guy could not play this ORB thingy. So he went sulking and followed by his little sister. (not true… just so happens it follows the story and also a lucky shot). Well of course, it’s not only the big orb that’s having most of the attention, the other one is the little orbs where people can go right through them and become the human bumper.

Human Bumper Car

The person inside the orb fell down and everyone is looking at how miserable the person was. Funny scenes captured. More on my facebook album. After quite some time of mingling around in Putrajaya, it was time for some photo of me to be shown in my own blog. Of course, would there be more about this awesome event here in Putrajaya. You bet there will be.

Cool Pose DanielCtw

So stay tune. There will be more to come as soon as I find time to write it. I am such a delayer.





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