SCKLM2011 and BHP Orange Run 2011 Report

Running is a sport, it is not something I would like to force anyone to take up, but unlike excessively playing video games and sleeping and wasting time on the couch too much, running should be one of the easiest sport to pick up. All one need is a jogging shoe and one can start running.

Well, so says me. Of course anyone can beg to differ but when was the last time you thought of running and when was the last time you thought you were fit? Years back during school days? Is one too old to pick this sport up? Giving excuses because you think you are busy doing other things?

Okay, back to my report. This is finally my third time in the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2011 and running the half marathon on the 26th June 2011. It was worth it but with a bad timing compared to my previous records. Here are the timing and updates.

SCKLM 2011 Result

Judging from the above time, it is definitely worse than my previous timing of 2:48:43. What seems to be the problem?

DanielCtw Running Record SCKLM2011

Of course if it is based upon the Cardiotrainer application, I ran about 2:54:10 but let us see the current one that is recorded on the KL Marathon website. It is 2:50:31, roughly about 2 minutes slower than my run a year back.

What more can I say? This is due to lack of practice and sleep. Sleep plays an important part.

DanielCtw SCKLM2011 21km Finisher Medal

Here is how the medal looks like.

Of course, after that, I took my next course of action, which is to practice a little for the BHP Orange Run 2011 held on the 24th July 2011.

BHP Orange Run 2011

It was different this year with more food for the people. Of course, here is my report on what happened to me during that day. I woke up at 7:30am and left straight to the starting point at The Curve. To our bewilderment (yes.. it’s me, Mouse and Oon once again) the race has already begun like 10 minutes ago. We were there 10 minutes late which was 7:10am. So off we go to chase the pack (or rather part of the slow ones). Since we were running to chase up, I have pretty much used up a lot of energy in this run.

Why? Previous day, I had a team building event for the department in the company I am working with.

Team Building A Famosa Waterworld

Of course, not wanting to skipped the whole running and to use this as an excuse, I went ahead with it. Lo and behold, maybe I have too much confidence in myself which has caused my downfall in the Orange Run this year.

I ran like nearly 20 minutes slower than usual. A run which typically I could aim to get around 1 hour has become a run which ended at about 1 hour 20 minutes give and take.

Nevertheless, the Weird One had fun, and it was mistakingly a good one. Along the run, I had like lots of rest by walking compared to the previous runs and cheering other runners and competing with some kid going ahead and he going ahead of me. Of course seeing my friends running ahead of me has somehow slowly demotivated me as it looked like they have beaten me in a run where I used to excel.

Off the record, after the run, it was time for some memories of the run.

BHP Orange Run 2011 DanielCtw

It was worth it. So what were my split times based on the application?

My Split Time 6:12 | 6:27 | 6:05 | 6:58 | 7:13 | 8:24 | 7:26 | 7:37 | 8:00 | 7:30

What can be deduced? I grew complacent towards the end. It looks like my stamina has dropped and it is good to keep track of your split times to know which area to improve. More training for me for my next upcoming run which is Shape and Men’s Health Run 2011.

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