[Movie] Sucker Punch Was Fantastic

You know, I was the one who was laughing in the middle of the first fighting scenes with the samurai, when BabyDoll was using her powers. I was the one who was telling myself that this has got to be a sucky movie. It was what I first thought. Then…. whoa… I LOVE THIS MOVIE SUCKER PUNCH.

Sucker Punch BabyDoll and Amber

Okay it was not only the girls, but yes, Emily Browning (Baby Doll) is so small for her size, but that’s what makes her BabyDoll in this movie. Of course, Jamie Chung (Amber) was the only other reason I watch this movie. Well, that was what I thought so. Here’s the sypnosis of how the movie went.

Baby Doll was captured and forcefully sent to a place by her stepfather where they kept girls and train them so they could entertain their clients and hopefully be bought by the clients. It was here she met the rest of the cast which includes Amber (Jamie Chung) and co. Vanessa Hudgens as Blondie hardly play a role in this movie as she was not fit for this kind of movie, so I guess I could leave her out.

To spare you guy the details, I was at first thinking that this was a fantasy movie, only to find it wasn’t. Well sort of. I was thinking how the heck did Baby Doll transported herself into another world only to realized it was not but only a fantasy in her mind while she danced (they didn’t show the way she danced… BOO). Of course, the captives were mesmerized and from that illusion/fantasy she thought of escaping this crappy place they were kept at.

Sucker Punch Samurai

Then the story goes from there and whenever she would be dancing, we were all brought to the scene where there are robot and dragon fighting. Amidst all the fantasy, the fantasy world was shown instead because I bet that they would want this movie to be viewable by all audience. Imagine Baby Doll doing the slutty sexy dance moves and then we will have all the guys hooked up on the movie. Ahahaha!!

So after all those fantasies, it was after all a mission to get out of the place and the fantasies depicts what goes in Baby Doll’s mind while executing the plan. So instead of watching real life plans being done, we were shown fantasy. The ending kind of sad though (not gonna tell you why) but one thing this movie taught me was, “You can escape as you have the weapons”. So no matter how hard it is something is, if you have the tools and the ideas, you will be able to solve it.

Of course, how the heck I got to watch this movie? Once again, Nuffnang with their generosity gave me the chance to watch this movie due to a blog post written previously on this blog. Well, I sure love this movie SUCKER PUNCH more than I AM NUMBER FOUR. WEIRD!!!!! No it is not. Sucker Punch has a better written story compared to Number Four which only acts like super hero movie with the lame Twilight storyline.

sucker punch preview screening

Thank you once again Nuffnang. Also thank you in advance for the next movie which made me happy, HOP! The bunny with the candy poop. LOL

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