Do You Use a Credit Card?

Sesame Chicken sounds yummy. It’s really yummy.
Sesame Chicken

Ops… this is not what I was supposed to talk to. Though it is related somehow. WAIT!!!!! What do I meant by it is related? What has Credit Card got to do with Sesame Chicken? What about Roast Lamb? What about Barbequed Chicken? bla bla bla…

Grandpa Story Begins

Well, let me tell you something what it all has to do with a credit card. First and foremost, getting a credit card is very easy nowadays in our time. Unlike our parents and their parents time where only a selected few have their own credit cards. A credit card is now not considered a liability. It is more like a tool or a convenience when one does not have enough cash or in need to pay something high in value but afraid to bring loads of $$$ in cash terms.

So what does that got to do with Sesame Chicken? Of course, we eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep almost everyday of our life. Sometimes we do it too routine, we forgot how to enjoy life. That is why to me, I enjoy having a good sesame chicken dish with friends. Now there are many dishes along the way (beer…. ahemz… whisky… ahemz) , but what about when the bill is called? Of course, everything could be solved with just a credit card. Imagine a bill totaling USD300 (RM900) and no way am I going to pay those in cash. So a credit card is indeed a convenience.

Now there is a downside for this.

The downside of mismanaging your credit

Everyone knows having a credit card also has it’s downside. This problem happens when one spend lavishly and spent it on things they desire and not on things needed. Well, desire is one thing but over spending on too many ‘desired’ stuffs will definitely affect our credit management. Yes, when we spend more than we earn, we will definitely have problems resolving all the debts incurred from the credit card spending. I am definitely talking about credit cards and if you need to know credit report, you can always try something like any site where they will give you a free credit score report in order to gauge your credit level.

Low Credit Score Comic

Of course, if you know you have credit score, you could always do like the above. Haha.. which in a way it hardly works, it is a comic for what it is.

Now what would you do if you have low credit score then? What should you do? How would you manage? Now would you like to listen to my advice?

Solution to a Low Credit Score

Sadly, not many people in Malaysia is really concerned about this. Those days, our parents save and save in order to survive and to ensure that we have a better life than them. Due to that, most children take for granted and spend like kings and queens. Well, indeed unlike those times, now we can spend more than how it was but also without proper planning, one is going to get a bad credit score for themselves.

Low Credit Score How To Comic

So how was mine solved? I invested. I saved. I practically hardly go out, not to mention I do not smoke (saves a lot compared to those who smokes), I only drink when it’s an occasion (unlike those who goes clubbing and drinking parties), does online shopping (saves petrol, saves car and engine wearing out, saves from washing the car, saves the hassle of choosing items and fighting with the crowd in a queue). Ridiculous for some of you, well it should be. Though that is my way of handling it.

Why not you tell me how you do yours? How do you handle your savings from your work/parents?

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