Work Stress Reliever

Aiyoh I just want to rant out here in this blog lor.. Sorry ya…want kill me also go ahead lor for posting crap on this blog now, also can. Seems like dateline is nearer and I am still crapping here in the blog. Alamak…

So then I feel, why not relax, destress if really need to. So google la… then found out something interesting.

When you feel stress, or think you’re feeling sick of work, search for something.

Stress Reliever Part 1

The theory is simple, if you can see 2 dolphins in the picture, your stress level is acceptable.
If you see anything other than 2 dolphins, your stress level is too high and you need to stay home and rest.

Result: I see superman…

Stress Reliever Part 2

Relax your mind and have a look at the scenic blue background of this picture. One thing in research, blue color is the best color to relax your mind. That’s why danielctw loves to go beach lor. hehehe…

Result: Syiok wei…

Stress Reliever Part 3
It’s funny when you see someone feeling stressed, but when one ownself is feeling stressed, it’s not that funny anymore. So let’s make it the opposite. Look at the dog and destressed yourself. The dog is more stress. Why? Coz scared chair break. Ho ho ho

Result: ROFL Destress Done!!!


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