The top 5 reasons to visit Montreal in 2017

While making plans to travel over the coming year, there are many places to consider. If you live in the United States but are uncomfortable traveling overseas to Europe, taking a Canadian vacation can still provide a great international experience. Depending on where you are located, you may even be able to drive over the border and not have to travel by plane. When considering a trip to Canada, be sure to make Montreal one of your destinations. A unique and exciting town, Montreal has something for everyone. This article will explore 5 reasons why you should visit Montreal for your next trip to Canada.

1. Budget-friendly

montreal scenery

No matter what your budget is to spend on your vacation, Montreal is welcoming and will not send you home with an empty wallet. As long as you spend wisely and stay within your means, Montreal is a very affordable city to visit. Exchange rates, while they vary by day, are fair. Food and accommodations are also very reasonable which can be very enticing to the budget-conscious traveler.

2. 18 is the legal drinking age

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For many Americans who live in bordering states, this can be a very enticing feature. It is not uncommon to find college students traveling to Canada for the weekend so that they can enjoy alcoholic beverages and even gamble in casinos at the young age of 18. As Canada is known to be very friendly, it is likely that you may make new lifelong friends whilst on vacation.

3. Montreal Biodome

montreal biodome

This indoor recreation center boasts four different types of ecosystems. There is a Laurentian forest, tropical forest, St. Lawrence Marine ecosystem, and one that rivals Arctic and Antarctic polar environments. This is a great place to visit with kids and adults who love animals. Here you can see penguins, puffins, beavers, monkeys, and all types of wildlife in one location. When the weather is warm, you can also experience the garden area.

4. Montreal Grand Prix

montreal gp

Also known as the Canadian Grand Prix, this race is one of the coveted Formula 1 Series races that happen on an annual basis. If you are a car enthusiast and love attending a good race, you do not want to miss the Grand Prix. Taking place annually in early June, this race is not just a race. It is a 72 hour weekend event that takes over the entire city of Montreal. From the restaurants to the nightclubs, everyone is boasting with enthusiasm for the race and the fun that it brings to the city. The Grand Prix began in 1961 and has become a tradition for many. Today this race is one of the most watched sporting events in the world besides the Super Bowl and the UEFA Champions League Final. In 2014, organizers signed an extended agreement to keep the Grand Prix at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve through 2024. Be sure to get to Montreal to check out this race before it comes to an end.

5. Festivals

montreal jazz festival

Montreal offers hundreds of festivals throughout the year. These festivals are a place to gather, enjoy food, drink, and fellowship. Also experience unique street art, live music, and other activities. When visiting Montreal, you are bound to run into a festival.


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