Bed and Breakfast at Vermont

If I am staying in Vermont, the only place I can rely on for this trip is to get my bed and breakfasts in VT. Yes, you got it right, traveling is not just fun only but it requires a lot of planning and getting the cheapest deals out there. My dream to travel in the United States of America (USA) is still hanging.

After going through a few packages around the internet, I ended up here. Imagine bringing at least about 6 people along with me and looking through the packages, this has got me covered right enough.

A few years back during my trip to the highlands in Tibet, getting a proper tour agency or a lodging area was definitely an important matter. We need access to WiFi and also to basic toiletry needs in order to get ourselves orderly. Breakfast was not an issue then as we only have 3 people on the backpacking tour. This time though, traveling in Vermont Valley is so not going to be easy with at least 6 people moving about. So a bed and breakfast package is something that I really need right now.

35percent discount vermont

Gave up on planning and finally chose VT Vacation to handle our itinerary around the Mad River Valley. Actually the thing that caught my eye was the 35% discount per night.

I guessed after many years of going trips and planning it on one own timing, it is time to leave to the tour agencies instead. Well, old habits die hard; I would still love it very much if there were some leisure time for the group too.
So I went to search for different activities that can be done in Vermont.

skiing in Vermont

  • Skiing – something I have not tried up till now.
  • Canoeing and Kayaking – seems to be out of the question.
  • Fishing – ahhh… I would love to join this, but I guess it’ll bore a few people.
  • Hiking & Walking trails – nature lovers would definitely love this. Need to get the Mrs. to agree to this.
  • Swimming – time to hit the gym to get them abs.
  • Bird Watching – photographer groups would surely be interested in them.

Guessed there are tones of activities that could be done. Oh yeah, for those traveling in the United States you can consider them to handle your itinerary over there. Or rather you could just wait for me then. I wished though that they could have shown me more photos on their site, but with Google there is nothing one cannot do.

Note: Those planning to get married, this is one of those places that people go for their wedding shoot. ^_^

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