What is fun at San Diego?

San Diego? Where? What? How? Wait… what is up with Daniel and all this places in the United States and Europe? Well, seemingly that I have traveled to most of the Asian countries, maybe it is time to start exploring further. It is also good for me to share what I have learned and also study from the internet.

So readers out there, you are in for some tips of how to plan a trip overseas and perhaps you may pick up a habit or two. Anyway why San Diego? Perhaps California rings a bell with Katy Perry singing “California Girls“.

I was just thinking of going to San Diego during the winter and maybe become one of the witnesses to witness a sixth occasion of snow falling down. Pretty rare but there really was a time when San Diego did snow and up till date only 5 times now. When you think San Diego, one thinks of going surfing.

san diego surfing

All those surfing lessons that I got from in Maldives and Bali would be put into use. Though I doubt I will be up to the challenge with the way the waves are. Definitely not for a beginner like me.

Of course, I am just going to cover the beach parts in San Diego as that is my primary point of destination. Time to go hit the beach party that I can get in San Diego compared to the one in my country. Something more wild and free and without hesitation (if you know what I mean…)

I am talking about Beach Parties and also Disco Parties on the beach. Anyway another part of being near the sea is the awesome Seal Beach. Definitely one place to visit as it is a good location to locate seals (duh…) sunning and playing on the beach.

seal beach san diego

Guess as someone who loves travel around the coast, this will be a great start while traveling around San Diego. Maybe I will cover the other areas after I visit the rest of the beaches.

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