Why Travel to Cancun in Mexico?

Traveling is just another sort of thing that I love to do. Sometimes traveling is not about just wanting to travel, but it is all about sharing my thoughts and my ideas and what can be done there so that others may know what is the best thing to do there.

One such place that I think it will be great to go would be Cancun (wait…. what is this place name?) in Mexico (pronounced me he co). Just have a look at how Cancun looks like with the Cancun web cam and you will see why this is one of the places that I am putting on my travel checklist.

Well, that is the wanderer in me, looking for places to travel in the future and places which usually people hardly mentioned. What intrigues me the most, as a scuba diver, this place is definitely one great place to dive.

swimming with whale shark cancun

Every diver’s dream, to dive with the whale shark. For those who hear the word shark, the whale shark is not really a shark, it is more of a whale while looking like a shark hence the name it was given to itself. Travel to water places is definitely something have to do with me as these are places that intrigues me more as the world below is really a vast place to visit.

Enough of diving, what about what is around the area of Cancun? Cancun

Now who would have thought the above was Cancun? A place surrounded by the ocean. This reminds me of Maldives but that is another post though. Surrounded by corals and sea life, this is a diver’s (scuba diving) paradise. It is also a perfect place to have one’s honeymoon rather than other usual honeymoon spots. All these time, depicted on the movies, we always thought Mexico is all about in the field, the gachos but never about the beautiful place like Cancun. 

Definitely a place to consider for my honeymoon.

So where to stay in Cancun if you were to ask me? Maybe perhaps Sunset Royal All Inclusive Hotel. Why? Imagine going all the way there only to stay at a budget hotel? I would seriously not enjoy my stay there. I rather stay at somewhere that I can enjoy my holidays and my honeymoon with my love one.

Seriously, time for some money savings to do and to try to get me and my partner a flight ticket there.

Pssst guys out there, if you are single that does not mean you should not think of going to Cancun. What other things you can see in Cancun where there is beach and water? The next picture should help you.

Girls in Bikini in Cancun

I told you so…


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