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Sometimes we travel for leisure, sometimes for business, sometimes just to hang out and see where does the next destination leads us to. Well, there was once I would love to travel maybe to Las Vegas, to see how the city known as a casino heaven would be like. With the portrayal in movies especially movies like James Bond (Daniel Craig) in Casino Royale and other movies like Chow Yuen Fatt in God of Gamblers, it is still a dream to travel abroad to visit these type of places.

casino royale james bond

Well, sorry for you guys who are not able to go these places, but let me brief you about it. Aside from the large amounts of money that one can win in the slot machines, roulette, and other games, playing in a luxury casino can be a really fun experience. The ambiance is classy and one can meet a lot of interesting individuals. In addition, one can even eat good food and visit a fancy resort if one managed to cash in on the big pot. Of course, traveling abroad can also be an educational experience. To get this started, here are a list of casinos that one can check out around the globe while traveling to their favorite destinations.

Foxwoods Resort

  1. Foxwoods Resort Casino, USA

The Foxwoods Resort Casino is always bustling with people and activities. However, its surroundings are very serene and filled with lush greenery. That’s because it is near the Mashantucket Peqpuot Reservation in Connecticut. This resort has 4.7 million square feet of playing space. One day will not be enough to explore this vast casino. It is not only a casino, it is resort to spend your holidays here too. Anyway in here, one can find 380 gaming tables for blackjack, poker, roulette, and other popular card games. There are a lot of expert players who visit this place. So if one wants to make it big here, practice your skills online and read some of the casino tips posted  at For non-card players, just try one’s luck at the resort’s 6,300 slot machines. Foxwoods Casino also has its own two-story gaming arcade where kids and teens can hang out. Forgotten to mention, this is so far the biggest casino in the world and the most likely place I would deem a place I would want to go there one day to say “I’ve done it, been there, won there”.

MGM LasVegas Casino

  1. MGM Grand Casino, USA

One of the best, a place that I have mentioned earlier that I would like to go is definitely situated in Las Vegas. MGM Grand Casino has a vast playing space that is common in Sin City. It measures 171,500 feet, and has more than 120 tables for poker, roulette, and other games. Boosting with over 2,500 machines for video poker and progressive slots, another reason why this is like the area to visit. There is also the sports betting area, which is a room filled with 60 plasma televisions. Whether one are a football, MMA, soccer, or boxing fan, one can definitely earn cash here.

As USA is a big area, I guessed let’s go to other parts of the world and instead have a lookout at where else I would go to visit their countries and of course their casino.

venetian Macau night

  1. The Venetian Macao, China

The interior design of this place is very exceptional. The scenery and building is picturesque and screams classy. Every nook and cranny of the Venetian Macao provides a nice and relaxing vibe. That classy feel makes me want to bring up my camera and take every photos of every angle in this spectacular place. Just have a look at what’s inside.

venetian macau inside

Noticed that there is a Eu Yan Sang shop on the left. Felt just like home. I can imagine after an intense night of playing, I can just head towards the hotel and relax in one of their luxurious guest rooms. This gaming hub has 550,000 square feet of playing space.

Genting Highlands would have been in my list if I wasn’t staying in Malaysia though. Well, another part of Asia where I felt that I would love to visit for the casinos are the Philippines and Australia (part of Asia?). Asia done. How about Europe?

Casino de Monte Carlo

  1. Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco

I recently just watched Grace of Monaco and was astounded to find out that Grace was actually from USA and it was her that thwarted the French from invading Monaco, well albeit it only slowed them down. Imagine a kingdom like Monaco and now it is now the capital city. Anyway let us talk about this casino in Monaco that is specially made for foreigners (Aha… you got me there). In fact, the locals from Monaco are not even allowed to enter its premises. It is operated by the Societe des Bains de Mer de Monaco. It is a public company that is partially-owned by the monarchy. I was amazed to find out that it is one of the country’s main sources of income, so expect that the Casino de Monte Carlo has all the creature comforts that can surely make the stay worthwhile. A large gaming space, relaxing scenery, classy vibe, and a luxurious hotel, I think I will have the best time of your life while cashing in here. Now to learn my French, Bonjour.

Finally the last destination.

berkeley square clermont club

  1. The Clermont Club, UK

It’s outlook on the outside is quite plain. Though it has a rich history during the earlier years. It is a classy and refined club that is located in Mayfair’s Berkeley Square. Unlike other casinos, this one is quite small because they value exclusivity. It might be small but it offers rich ambiance that can be found in its bigger counterparts. Since it is a private club, a membership is needed 24 hours before one can go play in there. (Keep this in mind though)

So now that I have shared on my views on casinos around the world, what about you guys/gals out there? Have you visited any casino that wasn’t part of this list? if so, share your adventures in the comments!

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