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Visiting new places is one of the many reasons why people go on holidays and South America in particular is somewhere that many people have never visited before. It can be incredibly exciting to visit a country with a completely different culture to yours and there are many in South America which are unique.

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Funnily enough though there are also many people who are looking for gambling holidays at the same time as an exotic holiday and so South America still fits the bill as it has many great casinos to offer too.

uruguay beach
Uruguay Beach

Uruguay is a country that not many people will think of when they think of casinos however there are a good number of famous casinos in Uruguay including the Conrad Casino which has been around for many years now and is still open twenty-four hours a day with many games to choose from. The casino itself is based around a European styling such as those found in Monte Carlo.

suriname torarica hotel
Suriname Hotels & Casino

A bit more off the beaten track is Suriname – officially the smallest South American country of all. Suriname has more than its share of gaming – with the Golden Truly Casino and the Torarica Casino both standing out. Both can be found in the capital city Paramaribo, with the first having a gaming floor that measures 12,000 square feet. The Golden Truly has the wider games choice, but the tiny Torarica offers a beautifully intimate experience – perfect for anyone who wants to play casino in South America but doesn’t fancy spending their time and money in any of the big, corporate tourist traps and would still rather experience some of the glitz and glam.argentina welcome party

Last but certainly not least is the casino Iguazu in Argentina. This casino actually sits on the border between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay allowing you to stay this casino and visit all of the surrounding countries in order to take in as much as possible.

For those who loves to try their luck, these are but a few places. Of course, one can still do leisure traveling instead. These are just but a few possibilities. So if you ever were to drop by South America and feeling like you wanted to do something different other than backpacking, you know what to do.

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