2 Awesome Different Ways to Travel in America

Yeah, it has been awhile, but yes, after having experience the States and currently being in Hawaii (more on this to come later), I actually looked upon to travel other places in America in the future. Practically in any parts of the world, there are many ways to travel and move around, but now let us focus more on different ways to travel in America and we will start with Hawaii.

Traveling in Hawaii

Of course, the difference between traveling in Hawaii is, it is more of an island and with multiple different sub island. I have been using both Taxi, e-Hailing, Bus, Coach and sometimes bicycle and even walking. It was a different experience and sometimes I preferred in Hawaii even during the night as somehow it seems relatively safe around the tourist destinations. Now what about traveling on the main land?

Traveling on Mainland

Traveling in the mainland, I have looked upon different modes of travel and perhaps one of them to consider is by bus charter or rather one can say, Chartered Coach. Well, if I have a big group of friends coming along (after my exploits in Hawaii), that would be the ideal way.

Though if I  do only get a small group I guessed going by car would also be an option. Of course the better option would be to charter our own trip using a chartered bus so as to lessen the hassle of driving on our own. At least we get to avoid having to think of finding a way to a certain location and just go there only to have fun and excitement.

Some states that I have targeted all along were places like Texas, New York, Los Angeles and perhaps on the Northern side of USA (well, I can at least go to Canada after that). Perhaps maybe one should take it slow and also look for a smaller option. Sometimes I will wonder about traveling to maybe Boston and what are the things to do in Boston. Though let’s leave it for next time.

My next target in the States seems to be along the country side, so maybe a trip to Arizona seems worth it. Let us all get a bus charter service (ex: All Aboard America)  where if we are bored in USA, we can still go to Mexico. Wait…. why Mexico?

Mexico, though being rumored as somewhat negative on media, it is really a nice place to hang out on it’s solid and nice hocky beach. Gone are the days where I was that adventurous to go and explore on my own. Sometimes we just have to let go and allow the selected bus driver to actually get to one destination. Think of it as “Just Enjoy the Holidays, let the bus or mode of transport take you to where your holiday destination is”.

So where d you think my first location would be? Of course, it would be at Rocky Point. With it’s awesome and beautiful beaches, there is bound to be some Baywatch action. Also for those looking to enjoy the sound of the waves pouring in, this would be a perfect time to do it. The waves from the sea is indeed a nice calm feeling

If you haven’t heard of Rocky Point, then maybe you really should learn to look it up.

Clue: Beautiful beaches.

Conclusion: Beautiful ladies….

bikini babes on rocky point travel

Alright, time to leave it there.

Here’s some sneak peek photos that I have prepared for you guys to wonder what are some trips I have been going on with. If it really works out, let’s see how many people will go for the next America trip. Mahalo!!!

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