Cher Diva Hot even Now

Right about now, the news has always been about Britney Spears (the scandal), Paris Hilton (her so called famous video leak) and by the way Celine Dion is making the headlines now in my country. She’s coming over to sing in the concert. Well, but because of that, Cher is going to replace Celine Deon in Las Vegas. Yes, Las Vegas…. that place with casinos and show girls *drools*

Young Cher
*Ehem Ehem* Young Cher

Now some of you who are born in the 1990s might be wondering who the heck is this Cher? Well, this pop diva was actually one of the few celebrities who got herself famous with Cher & Sonny. Sonny?? Now who’s that?? Just have a look at the photos will you.

Sonny and Cher
Cher & Sonny

Those times around 1970s. Guessed I wasn’t even born yet. But heck, people look different when they’re young, but then I am still amazed at how she kept her body so fit even after all these years. Cher was born in 1946 and that makes her about 62 years old now.

Cher Hot Diva Year 2000

This photo was taken somewhere between 90s to the 2000s. Imagine… 50 to 60 years but still look as stunning. Now wait… did I said something earlier she was replacing Celine Dion in Vegas?? You bet I did. Too bad I don’t have the cash to do that. Well, first I need to get my employer to pay me big big bucks to buy Cher tickets at Ceasars Palace. But if anyone out there, or maybe if Cher can sponsor me my flight tickets, lodging and show tickets, then I’ll be so so so grateful. Caesars Palace…. I do hope to be visiting there someday. Well, since Celine Dion is coming down Kuala Lumpur to sing, it’s definitely a must for someone as capable as Cher to be performing in Las Vegas.

Well, they say if you got the money, you can shape the way you want to look. No wonder she still has that great body. Oh no… I am looking at older woman. (Not like it’s wrong) hehehe….


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