I Need A Photobook

Here I go again, going to plan my next travel plan. Due to me working in a new environment, leaves are still not available for the taking yet, just because I want to save them for the next trip. Plans are made to go to Bali, Angkor Wat and definitely to Mount Kinabalu once more. But well… all this can’t be achieved if I have no work leave to use at all.

The only thing though now is that I have limited spaces to keep my photos this time around and with all the photos all around, I hate to look around finding where are some photos. So I made this darn convention naming method for each of my photo folders. Seriously, finding a photo manager is pretty darn useful.

So then I went and look into something called SmileBooks, which is more of a photo book software thus enables me to display to my friends and families on my laptop. I must say, the designs are pretty nice, I can even make a big photo book or a regular one. Though the only problem is that to print them, it’s so far available in the US and Europe. Hopefully they will have the printing and binding and everything done in other countries. Well, of course, I will definitely keep you guys informed if there was.

Smile Book

At least this free software doesn’t have those irritating advertisements that you see anywhere on the layout of the software. Well, I tested it out and it sure is handy. Yes, forgotten to tell you, that it’s free. So no charges until you actually wanted to bind. Darn lucky you guys in the States and Europe. *Okay… maybe though it’s also good for me too as I don’t really need to spend yet*

So far so good, I can custom it the way I want it to be. What I create is up to me using my photos, mylayout, my text and my imagination. Well, the above is actually the sample layout they provided. Well, I was lost for ideas, I did try and look at other people’s smile books though in their home site. Since I am still new with this, let me try more of it’s features first.


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