Wonderful Weird Christmas

Daniel of danielctw.com would like to wished all it’s readers and friends and relatives, etc.. etc.. (sounds like an Oscar award) a very weird weird Christmas time. Yoo~~~~

I’ve got a secret I wanna tell you people this Christmas so stay quiet and I meant very very quiet.

Quiet Please From DanielCtw

This picture was taken last year October 2007, hehe.. stolen from my facebook. But well, since it’s now Christmas why not tell people the real joy of Christmas. Christmas meaning originated from the word Christ. Yes, that’s the birth of Jesus Christ and basically this day doesn’t really mean he is born on 25th December but as a special meaning of celebrating the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. – Christian Doctrines.

But now Christmas is celebrated commercially, thus sometimes forgetting the true meaning of Christmas. Though that doesn’t mean it kills the joy of giving and receiving presents and also those santa claus and santarinas. But anyway since it’s Christmas, I would like to wish Christians all around who is reading this blog a very Blessed Christmas as we remember the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

So walking about in certain shopping complexes, there are loads of decorations. You know Christmas seems to be celebrated by everyone now. Everyone’s starting to buy presents for their loved ones, even shopping malls decorate their malls to the max during this time of year which you hardly get to see it during other festivals. These pictures will do the talking.

Elf and Santa

The elf and Santa is around. Where is this place?

Christmas Decoration

Though don’t know whether to call this a Christmas Decoration, since it’s just lights. Errr… kinda misleading. But nevertheless, it’s still a decoration. Though I wonder, without the Christmas thingy in the center, I wonder what festival they will call it.

Next right up, I went to somewhere else to take some photos. Guessed where? Well, this place would win my vote for the most decorative Christmas decoration for 2008. None other than the Curve!

Green Big Entrance

What’s that up there? Oh.. it’s just a figurine. Now how about the rest of it?

Christmas Decoration The Curve

The girl makes a wonderful backlayout for this picture. Never thought of making nature style Christmas presentation and decoration.Though what bugs me most is why does Christmas nowadays have to be about elves. It seems this year the IN thing is not Santa or Santarinas. *demand more Santarinas*

Elf Display

See what I mean! It’s an ELF once again. Why oh Why???

Personally I enjoy Christmas! Anyway I think it’s time to rummage thru the Christmas present. Well, yes, it’s like you read. Present… not presents… *cries*

DanielCtw Wonders His Present


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