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If you ever knew me, you will know that I love pets. Well, I’ve always love pets. Especially dogs, thus it’s time to visit MidValley which was a week ago and go for their pet exhibition. You didn’t know that there was a pet exhibition in Mid Valley Megamall?? Haha.. though it cost RM5 for me to enter. Guessed what I saw. Shocking O.o

But but but…. I saw a LION???

Lion Dog Chow Chow

What the…. got Lion in the vicinity. But then, what was I to be afraid of. It looks so cute and the master is there. So off I go and snap snap snap…

Danielctw and the Lion

Heee… the lion is basically a modified chow chow, a dog breed with it’s fur shaved. Looks so cute, so tame.. maybe coz it see me as someone friendly. Well, the owners has thought the dog well, it’s so obedient and allows me to camwhore with it. 😀

danielctw and ferret

As if dogs are not enough, there are ferrets too. Wheee… don’t you just love ferrets. This one is one cheeky fellow, though usually I thought ferrets are really active animals but the owner for this ferret really trained him well. It’s so tame and doesn’t bite. Moreover, it’s so smart. Ferrets are really nice, they did get popular due to a japanese anime/manga. Though they eat birds and such. So if you rare birds, be careful of it.

Of course who helped me take all these photos? Just have a look below.

The SEM and Giant Dog

In case you’re wondering, that’s a Saint Bernard. Yes… I am talking about the one on the left. Hehehe.. The one on the right is my fellow camera person. Hehehe.. Seems like saying.

“See you scared of me right?? ROAR!!!!”

Though I wouldn’t do justice if I don’t promote her blog here for helping me to take certain photos.

Angeline with Shih Tzu

Present to you the one and only SEM/REM/Dolphin or otherwise known commonly as Angeline.
Ya do drop by her blog if you like. <— she made me say this *runzzzz*

Angeline : My turn
Shih Tzu : Actually is my turn to camwhore!! XD

Yes, she’s holding a shih tzu, a miniature pet house dog. Though they have lotsa fur. I used to have 2 pet shih tzus. Need any question on them, you can ask me about it too. But seriously all animals, what else to see there. Don’t they have anything else interesting. Ever heard of Doggy Spa Bath. >< Now you have something like that.

Doggy Spa

Colored Doggy. I think it’s a poodle. Imagine all the colors on the fur. I somehow pity the poodle but they said it’s harmless to that poodle. I spend a lot of photo shots on this part of the event in pet exhibition. In a short while you will know why.

Cha bo doing spa

Enuff said.. let’s go to the next animal we have in line. There are many others but this one really deserves a special mention. It makes me missed Redang more and the current ShoutOut planned trip, if there ever is going to be one. So I think most of you can guessed what it is. Say hello to our ClownFish, Nemo.

Nemo Clownfish

Though, I wished to see the real thing during the island trip. So if you’re interested, let’s try to make it happen. Somewhere around June, stay tune for more updates on this trip.


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