Sleep Like No Tomorrow

These few weeks, The Weird One (that’s me) has been getting lots and lots of sleep and easily gets tired. Rather he would rather sleep than going online. Either my body had been long deprived of sleep for a very long time that it’s longing for more now, or age is finally telling me, you’re old and you need more sleep. Just these past few days, I’ve even slept through the afternoon on weekends and also on working days, slept right after dinner.

Wonder what is happening. Maybe body is getting all heaty and needs the sleep. Maybe I should just cool down on my activities and have a decent Back Home – Rest – Reading or just do what Scooby would do.

Golden Retriever Cooling Down

Woof! Woof!, unique way of cooling down. Put all 4 (that’s 2 for me) of your legs in a bucket.


  1. jfook August 19, 2010
  2. Ronnie August 19, 2010

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