Weird Weird Denial is back

After days of BIS (Blog Insufficiency Syndrome), danielctw was left hanging from the minute he knew that his blog was down because of bandwidth limit breached. It was that serious ok!! I cannot live without blogging… haha.. though not to the extreme.

Well, so now that I am back, what can one expect. I am back with new gadgets and new toys to play with. Finally my laptop has finally arrived. Even my new gadget, my very own D40 is here. But then all this obtained at a cost *sobs* $$$$ GONE!! But then in order to gain something, something needs to be sacrificed right? It’s so near the ShoutOut KL meet-up which would be one activity that I wouldn’t like to miss. Get to meet the rest of them shouters. So shouters get ready to sing your heart out on that day in Redbox.

I was amazed by the thoughts you people brought up about certain subjects touching on emotions and such that it brings danielctw great joy to write more and more thought provoking articles. Though sometimes being all too serious will kill the fun, there will be humorous posts and not forgetting one of the most important thing, the travel and makan-makan(eating) adventures of the blogger danielctw himself. I travel, I show, I eat, I show also!!! Who knows, you might like the places.

Hmm… my hand is so so so the itchy typing out this post that I hardly had time for my dessert, well, eating Pulut Hitam err.. not sure what it’s called in English though. Well, guessed I shouldn’t just type all the time, is time to get back to some eating business. Ho ho ho ho!!


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