Hunting Creepy Crawlies

This is not your typical post. So I must warn readers who wants to read this and if you can’t stand creepy crawlies, please do not click the More tag. Yes, due to the nature of this post, I have beforehand issued this warning, but I think seriously since if it’s not gonna bother you at all, the carry on ahead! It’s also the time where I can also learn all about the species too.

Well, going to places let’s you explore the wonderful weird realm of creepy crawlies. What better places to find this weird areas than to go to those tropical forest, and even at home! Snap snap snap!! All the way!

Well, but there is one insect I don’t like. It keeps on biting me whenever I am at the farm. Yes, I do go to the durian orchard and this insect is pretty annoying. See what it did to my hand!

Mosquito Bites

Just one afternoon and that’s how I got those bites. Seriously, if you do get bitten, try not to scratch it or it’ll be bigger. Yes, just try to live with the bites and it’ll subside. Better still, prevent yourself by putting on mosquito repellant cream. 😛 That’s all?? No there’s more. Click the Read More link!!

On second thought!!! Screw it, just let the picture out, until someone complains, then I’ll put back the READ MORE tag again!

Cicada Weird

This insect has been making so much noise that I just have to find it. Caught it at last and imagine the noise it makes. Yes, it’s a small one, there are bigger ones than these. The cicada is one of the most ‘noisiest’ insect known. Well, some call it noisy, some call it melodious. Well, crickets are somewhat the same too. What about specimen number 2?

Hiding Stick Insect

Huh?? What’s this? Yes, it’s the Malayan Stick Insect. This picture was taken in Cameron Highland’s Butterfly Farm. Well other than butterflies, there are also other insects on display. Kinda shy creatures, they rely on their camouflage skills. Well, here’s one that’s pretending to be a stick or a branch. Wonders of nature!

Grasshopper Alien

The Grasshopper is the 3rd Specimen. With scientist analysing their body structure for creation of robots to go to outer space, this specimen is a very complex insect. Well, finding one at your house vegetation might make you go frustrated over it due to it’s huge appetite for greeneries. I must admit, looks kinda alien!

But then insects are so magnificent sometimes we wonder how they can survived accordingly to the nature they’re in. Well, the world is vast and some insects are still not identified yet. Imagine the wonder of it. But then I wouldn’t go too far to be too interested in insects that I would want to identify myself with them. Here’s a trivia, look below!

Human plus tick

Imagine if human DNA + an arachnid DNA were mix together!! What would have happened? If it’s a spider, then you maybe get a chance to see the first ever real Spiderman. But what if it turns out like the one below!!! O_o OMG… imagine the whole world filled with them.

The Tick

Saturday And I am Loving Every Lamest Thing!!!


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