Chinese New Year Memory

Chinese New Year is coming to it’s final week, and I have to talked about my Chinese New Year. Yes I was in Malacca as most of you know and I had a bit fun with my D40 and go snapping around. Well, seemingly that I go back to Malacca, the language that was mainly spoken there was Baba Malay amongst my relatives. Basically my dad’s cousins and uncles and aunties. Well, yes, I speak Malay when I am back in Melaka, though the newer generations all starting to speak Mandarin O.o

Chinese New Year House

But then coming from a baba nyonya family has it’s advantages. We have nyonya food, traditional type. Even dodol was hand made. Dodol is a special kind of food which takes hours to make one. Well, I prefer hand made type, as it’s stirred and stirred for hours, so that the mixture doesn’t dry up.


Dodol, one of the traditional food that I love to eat. Well, another one is Wajid, but this year don’t have any. There are also Itik Tim (duck soup with Brandy) and lotsa Rendang (spice dry curry chicken/beef) to name a few. Well, if I were to bring KL-ians along with me to Malacca, I guessed most of them will be shocked to hear that it’s a Malay speaking Chinese community in Malacca, and also we have chinese families making Ketupat.

Ketupat Finished

Okay, I was hungry and I ate my ketupat and forgotten to take a photo of it. Well, but carefully woven, this basically is rice wrapped in bamboo leaves O.o (I think…. ) But though with all the different traditions here, everyone still does the hanging of tanglung.

Decoration Houses

Ya, my dad’s cousin’s house… These are fun to see, different decorations on different houses. But then these are modern houses, whatever happen to village style houses in Malacca. Sad to say, most of them have shifted from village style to city style homes. Something which is slowly going to be gone.

Glad though there was still a place like that in Bemban, one of the district in Malacca/Melaka. There are still ducks, chickens, durian trees, rambutan trees, etc. All my childhood I have spent on chasing the farm animals will always be remembered when I go back there.

Durian Tree
Durian Tree

Well, looks like this year, the family in this village are also going to shift to a developed area. Why?? Cause the authorities are taking back the land and going to develop it into modern style housing projects. So no more farm trees, rubber trees and especially farm animal. No more chance to eat home made dodol. This is saddening. So I got my bro to do some pose for memories.

Bro chasing the Duck
The Ducks Doesn’t Know What’s Coming At Them

Well, as a matter of fact, I guessed since this is going to be the last month this house in Bemban is going to stand there, might as well have a great camwhore shot first. I missed hometown life, carefree and don’t need to bother about the hectic life in main towns like in KL. Dang…..

Bemban House Camwhore
The going to be torn down Zinc Attap House, Pose

I wonder what will happen to the rest of the people around. No more that village kind of field. Actually I haven’t stayed for awhile in Malacca as both my grandparents were long time gone, so our old wooden village house was sold like almost 10 years ago. Well, that doesn’t mean I can’t go back and visit all my uncles and aunties.

Now that Malacca is going into development, it’s also a good thing, as the world progress. Now that I’m back in KL, what is supposed to be the next event in KL??

Friendster Cafe

Just wait and see . . . . .


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