Nuffnang Pays Me When I Blog

It was exactly 31st August 2011 when I made my withdrawal from Nuffnang Blog Advertising Agency. I finally got my hands on the Nuffnang Cheque in October. It has been like 3 years I have sticked to this ads blogging agency. Well, I was testing their payment withdrawal system since this will be my second payment I am getting from Nuffnang. Actually Nuffnang brought me back my memories on the first meetup with other Nuffies and also the Boss Stewie. Those days we were all young and simply the zest for blogging was more towards fun.

Fast forward, it is now 2011 and the last time I withdrawn my money from Nuffnang was like 2008. That is about 3 years since I actually withdraw any money. This is what came into my postbox a few days back.

Nuffnang Cheque for DanielCtw


I still remembered when I have gotten my first paycheque from Nuffnang back in 2008 and writing a post about it. I basically hid the value that I have gotten which was kind of stupid. I mean, why hide the value? Those naive days of me. Unlike now, I find that it is great if one can share their success of being with a blog advertising networkย  and thus encouraged others that this agency does pay. Though, if it works for me, it does not mean it will work for everyone. Just a bit of work and also constant visitors will get you the pay you deserve.

I am nowhere anywhere near those elite bloggers who have lots of money value. Until 2010, I was a constant consistent blogger. The year 2011 has made my life a bit different. I have even considered giving up blogging because I cannot keep up with my activities. Until then I thought, why stop?

danielctw korea pose

Thank you Nuffnang for sending this cheque worth RM745.99 to me. Well, at least it is a pocket money while blogging.


I have been looking back at all my old photos and now thought back of all the fun things I have done during my younger years. After another 1 month, I would be having another new journey in my social life. Will I be back?


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