Nuffnang Mamma Mia Here I Go

After like waiting for the time to past, I finally got the tickets for the Nuffnang Screening event for Mamma Mia. Basically I would prefer to get tickets for this mamma mia screeening compared to the rest of them due to the musical nature of this movie and also due to the actor and actresses in it. What more there is Amanda Seyfried as what I’ve mentioned previously.

Nuffnang Confirmation

So it’s time to meet with the other bloggers. Previously didn’t really get to mingle around, now hopefully though it’s that time to meet other nuffnangers. Must say thank you to the people in Nuffnang for this.

Be sure to dance and sing to the song of Mamma Mia or any other Abba favorite songs. Yee Haa..

ps: Too bad no shouters will be there though…

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