Nuffnang The Booze

Wow!!! After being down the whole night. I meant Nuffnang‘s site, and also since I thought what the heck, why isn’t the ads showing on my site. I just found out that today’s the day that Nuffnang has now came up with a new version. Yes, it’s now a Version 2. What am I saying?? Is like a new booze waiting for me to have a taste at. Have a look at the screenshot here.


What Do I think About It?

I was mightily impressed in a way. The way it was design, looks kinda hype. Well, that’s not the end of the story though. I thought, maybe it’s just the outside just like how PayPal does with their screen layout. So I would then login, and guess what, a whole new template. Now that’s what I really call a whole new Version.

But then after looking at the add ads code, I noticed that there are differences. Well, as long as it’s functioning alright, I have no problems with it.

What Makes It Different?
Many times I heard people complained about Nuffnang not giving them the much needed payment. But wait… those that complaint usually rely on CPC (Cost per click) ads. Yes, those click ads. I have a phobia on CPC ads with some people getting mindless clicks. Sometimes I find it unethical. Well some of you might get my meaning. Click here and there with a group of people. *whistle*.

Talked A Lot, So You Earn A Lot?
People must be wondering, why am I siding with Nuffnang? Did they pay me to post this?? Answer is NO. Did I earn a lot yet from Nuffnang? Answer is also NO, and I haven’t even get to withdraw any amount yet as of date of Post.

As a matter of fact, I think it’s due to the time I met with Boss Stewie at the KL Nuffnang Cinema event. It’s maybe because I met him. Yes, the time when I was halfway the movie, I went into a stomach ache frenzy and off to the toilet only to miss the movie for 30 minutes. *cries*

If you would like to know more about Nuffnang and it’s latest updates, read all about it at their BLOG entry (Entry removed from their website). Yes, Ajax Powered System. Definitely not Ajax Amsterdam, yeah.


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