The Awakening AceOne *Part 2*

Something I wrote when I felt bored of doing work
I have changed the format for easy visibility.
This story is fiction. Names mentioned here which links to anyone are purely co-incidental.


CONTINUED From Previous Episode…

AceOne: “Damn, I am supposed to be a guy! I think I am, what the heck am I afraid of. BTW
there’s no such things as ghost rite…

Slowly AceOne walk towards the door, and bang the door start banging again this time louder.
Shit shit shit….*poof AceOne runs towards his bed and cover himself with his bedsheet.

AceOne: amitabha, save me, chokolongo, etc etc (any chant you can think of)

After that, the whole thing stopped and AceOne slept thru it the whole day. The next day, it wasa day for work.

AceOne: Damn, I still am freaking ‘beh tahan’ can’t forget the incident.

Arrived in office…

YoungBrat: Hey, Ace! Wooahh…you look pale. Haha…got kissed by Louyea leh..

AceOne: what Louyea, I think if Louyea kiss me is more scary than what I experienced.

YoungBrat: Huh??? Then who? Ichitaka ar?? Cis…(feels jealous coz Ichitaka has always been his)

AceOne: What the??? You and your BBM topics. Cannot stop it meh…

YoungBrat: OK ok…so what the heck happenned?

AceOne: You know yesterday …bla bla bla

YoungBrat: Oh ic….anyway we got a funny clip for you to watch. I forwarded it to you already in the mail. Maybe it can cheer you up!

AceOne: Not Your BBM thing again rite??

YoungBrat: Nope, this one more interesting than brokebackmountain la. You think I always BBM one?

AceOne: Hahahaha… ok ok…will check email later.



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