Me-me 5 things

It’s been awhile since i’ve done a tag/ meme. Well, not that I don’t wanna do. Sometimes I am just to lazy to write. =P

Well anyway this time I am tagged by Saewei the Princess of Poot Poot to do this 5 things meme. The reason, I don’t know. Maybe cause I am too irresistible. LOL

5 Things In My Bag
1. T-shirt
2. Papers
3. Receipts
4. CDs
5. Camera Compact

5 Things in My Head
1. Michael Buble’s – Home song
2. Am I actually satisfied
3. Should I go for Redang Cleanup or just stay at home!
4. Is this my field of study
5. AJAX!!!!!

5 Words That I Frequently Use
1. Yeah
2. Amadillo
3. Amugaba
4. “mou bien”
5. poke poke

5 Recent SMSes Received
1. Client
2. Client
3. Client
Crap rite???

5 Recent Things I Just Did
1. Blogging
2. Thinking when want to go to take photos
3. Cook lunch
4. Pondering on my Future
5. Studying AJAX

5 Things In My Wardrobe
Duh…. clothes…

5 Things I Just Ate
1. Chocolates 70% Dark
2. Cheese
The rest not sure coz didn’t eat after that.

5 Peoples I’m Tagging
1. Ryu – coz she tagged me! HAHAHA!!
2. Michi3 – to welcome you back from exams =P
3. Mischique – I haven’t actually tagged you before, so consider this a privilege
4. MitchTimun – You need to do some tags sometimes.
5. Ichitaka – I know you wanted to be tag. So give you tags la…

So don’t hate me for tagging you people. Take it as a privilege. =P


  1. aceone118 September 15, 2007
  2. - r y u - September 15, 2007
  3. Mischique September 15, 2007
  4. YoungBrat September 16, 2007

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