Fun at Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

It was time for some recap. This time it was a day trip to Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. The blue sky was magnificent. The day was good. It was time to visit one of the nicest place to take some photos.

Bukit Tinggi

Welcome to Bukit Tinggi! That word meant Tall Hill. Weird isn’t it. I thought hills are usually tall, definitely not short. Of course at this location there are many places where one can take photos.

Below and above are the few examples which one can take with their cameras.

Inside Bukit Tinggi

Such superb place for photography. Though this is not only a scenery photo blog. It’s a personal travel blog and definitely I would love it to be more personal. So have a look at the group that had their time on this trip.

DanielCtw travels to Bukit Tinggi

Oppps… wrong one. Hahaha.. well, of course, that’s the Weird One. That’s the Takeshi….. ahemz….

Bukit Tinggi Group Photo

So we have it. The group photo that we all had fun during the time in Bukit Tinggi. Wonder who is at the back doing some Ultraman pose? That’s Jason to you. Say hello to Jimmy, WingSee, Jason, Yen and of course me. Well, imagine how was it taken? 50mm? Wide angle? Beats me. Am too lazy to look at the EXIF (that’s camera data of the photo) now.

There are many places that are good to shoot photos. Though this time with time constraint, I guessed I can deal with people photos only.

Bukit Tinggi Trip 3 People

Jason, Wing See and Jimmy. They seem to love the camera. So much…. until Jimmy finally bought a DSLR. Finally someone else being poisoned to own a DSLR. Shot with the Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D (just repaired it 3 days ago as of time of writing and paid RM640 for the repairs… crap) I marvel at the sharpness.

Like I said, it’s a whole new perspective. I think so many people go to Bukit Tinggi taking scenery scenes here and there and didn’t really think what else to take with. Soooo let me show you what we did there. There was this white wall above the tower. So WHITE you just have to pose with it. Yes… I mean really.. it’s a white wall of pose.

Yen White Background

No kidding. Look at Yen smiling at the camera with the white background of the wall. Imagine what one can do with this? Definitely more than what one should do. Elevate the imagination beyond your wildest imagination.

Daniel Yen White Background

Then we posed. Ahemz… I can imagine how some people were staring at us but it sure beats renting a studio in order to shoot this shot.

DanielCtw Yen White Background 2

Hmmm… natural poses eh.

Why am I missing these days? Well, I have been trying to start my photography portfolio site and it is still in development. Here’s a sneak peak.

Yen with Different Colors

Click the photo above to bring you to the blogpost at my new photo portfolio at

There are definitely more to come but as of now, I don’t have much time to write more as by the time this post come online, I am already in or on the way to Seoul, South Korea and having a holiday and would be there for a week. So I am sure there would be more photos and trust me, this time I will definitely update it.

I will be back on April 23rd and have fun blogwalking. It’s time for a revival.


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