Premier Passes To X-Men Origins Wolverine

A week back, I got a splendid surprise and I found out I have the passes to one of the most awaited movie and most X-Men’s favorite hero.

DanielCtw With The Passes

What Pass is that? (I know I look chubby and not cool in the above photo)

The date was April 28 2009, the date I got my date with Wolverine from the X-Men anthologies. I received my premiere passes sponsored by CIMB Bank and since it was a premiere, as usual there would be guards stationed all around the theater. As the debut date is 29th, which is the following day, a few lucky ones have the chance to watch it first hand.

Free Passes To Wolverin X-Men Origins

Sypnosis of the Story

X-Men Origins talk about the life of Wolverine or known as John Logan from the comic. It tells of how his nature was formed, and his life from child. There are of course lots of twist and turn and I must say to those followers of the X-Men comics, they are definitely fond of Wolverine as one of the all time favorite. A few things one should know, Wolverine cannot grow old to a certain age, thus his life and longevity brings us to what we called the X-Men 2045 brought towards the future (but that’s another story).

This story tells us all about his life, how he got his claws, his brotherhood and villain The Sabretooth. Yup, there are loads more to it, die hard fans of the X-Men would know a lot of his story way back during the comic heirloom days.

My Remarks About The Movie

The movie was great. Imagine my favorite X-Men comic hero being featured in a movie. The visual effects as usual were excellent. Though at times you wondered, his character buildup was like rather invincible. Funny thing though, the trailer and posters show a lot of Scott Summers (known as the Cyclops) and Gambit. These are known names from the series. Though since this is all about Wolverine, maybe that’s why they play a very small significant part.

I would give this movie a 8/10 for it’s incredible effects and storyline. Finally you get to know what made him a beast.

Now my final response to it. I shall be Wolverine now~~~~~

DanielCtw Wolverine

Though unforeseen circumstances happened, I lost my Casio Exilim Z750 in the process. 🙁



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