MDG 2009 Finale Special – Dawn and Pinky

It is the Malaysian Dream Girls Finale 2009 at The Curve and once more instead of showcasing the whole event, I will blog about it in another different way. Like I said, rather than the whole event, this time I will focus more on Dawn Lim and Pinky Liew.

Nikon D300 Shots

Emcee of Malaysian Dream Girls 2009

The event was started with hostess Elaine Daly and Will Quah coming right on. Well, Andrew Tan came in later of course. It was a magnificent show for the people who attended. Well, maybe it was for me. Armed with my gear I now proceed to shoot them in this event.

Since this is a Dawn and Pinky special post, I will be posting their photos here. Well, who knows, I might do a Ming special for AaronWoolala and also a cover of the whole event. Juanita‘s shot though was rather limited as I couldn’t get a nice lighting.

Starting with the event, they came in masquerade and each of them wearing a mask. So here’s Pinky Liew Mee Han in a masquerade dress. The only thing obstructing this shot was the amount of people at the top left corner. It could have been nicer.

Pinky Liew Masquerade

Thumbs up for the design of the dress above.

Pinky Liew in Pink Background

Then Pinky came to strut her stuffs with this black dress and beads. Not bad, even the background helped a lot. As black showcases style in a certain way.

Pinky Liew in Yellow Dress

Hmm.. This dress was so bright I have to get a shot of it. Pinky was stunning in the way she poses.

My opinion about Pinky is that she has what it takes to be a model, with her pose done really well and how she looks well dressed in all the dresses. Coincidentally Pinky Liew took the number 2 position for the Malaysian Dream Girls 2009. Who took number 3? None other than Dawn Lim Yeen Sze.

Fans of Dawn Lim in this Malaysian Dream Girls 2009 would notice about her is that she has a dimple whenever she smiles. Dawn’s character and smile was simply bubbly and cheerful.

Dawn Lim MDG Finale White Dress

Looking at the photo above, notice the dimple she has and this dress looks stunning and suits her. Well, how about the fans of Dawn say.. “Awwwww~~“.

Due to this she deserved an award and yes she did.

Dawn Lim Beautilicious Award

Dawn winning the Beautilicious Award and one of the judges Julie Wong presenting it to Dawn. Way to go Dawn. Even if she gotten 2nd Runner Up, at least you gave your best.

Dawn Lim Finale Pose

Dawn Lim portraying her final pose for the night. My opinions about Dawn Lim is that she’s one of a kind. Most MDG-ians or rather other girls on this event would usually catwalk with less expression. Dawn, as ever so Dawn would flash a smile here and there, though in reality you can hardly see other models do that. Well, in a way it’s a stepping stone for Dawn Lim.

Of course being a fan of hers, it is definite that I would love to get a chance to take a photo with her. I did have a few shots taken, but not to take the limelight of all these other photos, I am going to post one in Sepia color.

Danielctw and Dawn Lim

Okay I lied, I chose this color because the lighting was bad and my flash didn’t fired. Also I don’t wanna show you the other photos in this blog. LoL….

Signing out of my blog about the Dawn Lim and Pinky Liew special for Malaysian Dream Girls 2009. If you like these photos and you need me to take shots of anything else, do email me at I am open for events.


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