If I have a Big House

I have been looking at properties recently. Seems like that there are so many things I have to think about in the coming years to come. Just like a snap on a finger, the year is going to come to an end again and it just seems like it was just yesterday. Anyway these few days I was wondering how it would look like if I could decorate my own room. How would I arrange my bedroom? How will the furniture look like and the many shapes and sizes.

I mentioned earlier I was looking at properties. Well, suddenly it makes me fantasize what kind of furniture I could put in if I had a house which is that big (yes was visiting a house that cost RM5million ~ must pretend right – crazy amount there which I wished I was a billionaire). Yes, the house is super big, you have 3 storeys, a swimming pool and a elevator. *Shocking*

Imagine what I could do. I could set up a room just for gym equipments. Hold on.. hold on.. Why not set a theme for the whole house. If given the choice, most girls usually would want to ‘pink’ the whole house. As for me, I think I prefer it all white. It feels soothing and nothing girlish or bluish (might spoil the mood). Only problem though is that someone’s hand might stain the walls if it’s all white.

Of course, having a white theme is like living in a snow castle. For someone as weird as me, you would have expected me to go for colors like black or purple or some other color but white. That being said, I chose white because I want to be different from the normal weird perspective. So I shall make all my rooms white with white furniture. Then there would be white bedroom furniture, white living room furniture, white kitchen furniture, white toilet furniture (huh??? Nahh.. just pulling your leg there).

As a person who usually shops his stuff online, I went to search for unique and weird furniture stuffs available on the Internet. Aha~~~ I found a website call www.newenglandlifestyle.com and looks like they are selling all things white.

green cupboard

Imagine my cupboard from green turn to white. Oh crap, you’ve seen my cupboard. Nooooo… gone is my privacy. Then it dawned upon me. Why not a try looking through for a white cupboard? Something like the one below.

White Cupboard

Strange though but definitely elegant. Then why not one of the white tables to go with this?

White Table

So Christmas is coming. Anyone going to get for me these? I will definitely appreciate it a lot though.


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