4 Years Graduated

I was sitting in front of my desktop, in the room, lazying and wondering what is life to me? What are the importance of it, and looking aimlessly and wonderingly around the room. Then I saw the date on the wall, it showed 12th December 2004. December, surprisingly it’s now just 2 days past 12th December 2008. Time flies, those days I don’t really need to bother will I be able to be a good staff. I was more concerned of whether I can be the most noticed college student in the class.

Yup, so you have it, it’s been 4 years since I have graduated from my college, and boy… it was a short 3 to 4 years period of having fun, overnight stay and gossip of college mates pairing up with another. The time we skipped lecture just so that I can take advantage of finishing my assignments on time. The joy of skipping tutorials to go to a friends house and have a LAN party playing Ragnarok Online.

2004 Graduate Photo

Well, guessed lots have changed now. I am now on my 4th year working too, and suddenly one by one, my friends are getting along with life and some of them loves to give me their red bomb packet (wedding invitations). So off I go and cheer for them. Well, of course I am happy for them, who wouldn’t. 🙂

Funny, during my college years I don’t really go out a lot and used to like spending days at home. I guessed after one starts working, they can finally see that they have the expenses and modal to travel about. Let’s see.

Places I have been these past years after my graduation.

Daniel in Redang
I am not super thin. Look at my arms. They are proof.

Redang Island was a first after the completion of my final year in college. To say that I didn’t have fun would be an understatement. I am sure if you look thru the menu on the right, you’ll see a topic on Redang.

Daniel Chew on Mount Kinabalu

Not forgetting my first time traveling to the east of Malaysia. Where Borneo resides and conquered the tallest mountain or rather peak in South East Asia. Mount Kinabalu was a fun getaway for me. Funny, people say I do it once should be enough but looks like I will be going up again. Wheee~~

Thailand and Bangkok rhymes. Place where I got to see the Tiger Show, Miss Alcazar and other weird stuffs that Thais are able to see, and not in Malaysia. More weird antics, shooting the ping pong balls, opening the beer bottle with cleavage. It was also the day I tried my first insect food.

Indonesia or rather Jakarta. Was sent to this place for work purpose and though Jakarta is famous for it’s night life, I think I spent most of it on getting sick instead for at least about 9 days. That’s how bad the air and food for me during that time.

Perth, Australia would be the most enjoyable place I’ve been and to think I get to meet other people in Perth whom I only seen online. It sure was hell fantastic.

So what did I learned during these 4 years, I think I learnt that I have many more years to learn. Arghhhh….

Looking forward to tomorrow’s plan. 🙂

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