Top 3 Tips for Cleaning Pools

Pools are a very common sight in backyards these days. Need some tips for cleaning pools? Lots of people want to have a pool, and there are lots of options to choose from – above ground and in-ground, chlorine and saltwater, liners and concrete. When putting in a pool, people don’t always know everything they need to do to keep it clean and safe. Mind you, a swimming pool is what was meant.

Tips For Cleaning Pools

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1. Brush Your Pool

One of the most important parts of keeping your pool clean is to brush it. Think of it kind of like brushing your teeth. You can swish mouthwash or eat mints, but without brushing your teeth, your mouth won’t be as clean as it could be. The same logic holds true for pools. You can clean and sanitize the water itself but if the sides and floor of your pool aren’t clean, any dirt and algae will find its way into the water. To brush your pool, scrub the sides and floor, as well as any steps, nooks, crannies and ladders. Brushing makes it easier for chlorine and sanitizers to do their jobs.

Above ground pools typically have some kind of liner, so you’ll need to be careful when cleaning the surfaces in your pool. If you brush or scrub too harshly, you could tear the liner.

2. Winter Maintenance

You’ll need to make sure you do a full cleaning of your pool before you close it up for the winter. This “winterizing” prep work ensures you won’t need to keep up the stricter summertime maintenance schedule. There are a few things you can do to winterize your pool. Make sure you clean all your pool’s equipment and remove any non-permanent equipment like ladders. Drain anything outside the pool that also holds water, like filters and hoses. You can also find specialized winter chemical kits to balance your pool water and keep it safe and clean while you aren’t using it. Finally, you’ll need to cover the pool itself.

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3. Keep the Water Clean

Probably the most obvious aspect of cleaning pools is keeping the water clean. Everyone knows about skimming leaves and bugs out of the water, but you also have to sanitize and filter the water, which can be more labor-intensive. You’ll want to get a good pool filter and clean it regularly. You should also make sure you have a schedule to chlorinate and sanitize the water, as well as clarify and balance the water. Clarifying liquids help clear out substances like sunscreen and skin oils. Balancing makes sure the pH and alkalinity are at safe levels for you to swim.

Luna Bar Stage

You can view the pools that are maintained by the bars and clubs. Oh so well, like this one.

To make your pool a safe place to swim, make sure you keep it clean.

So what do you think of these tips for cleaning pools? They are definitely important if you really wanted a beautiful pool.

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