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Happy Thaipusam to those celebrating it!!

It’s now the mid of January 2008! Look see look see, the time pass by so fast. Now looking back from year 2007, we’re now in 2008, life passes by so fast, we just think how it all passes. Like we’re living in a fast forward world.Come to think of it, life to me has been pretty awkward, going up and down. When there are times that I have been down, I have friends who sends sms greetings to cheer me up, which I greatly appreciate. Well, guess that’s what friends are for eh…. So now this is another motivational article by Daniel!

Life Moving Fast

We all kinda know that in life, we need something, someone to hold back, like to support us. Although some people can survived on self motivation, it just doesn’t seem to be complete. Take sports, people strive for glory with the motivation coming from within, but in every sports there are fans cheering them onward. That gives the motivation factor a boost.

Another scenario, if you’re working then you spend lots of time to finish a pending task and after you’ve done it, you’re satisfied with it. Yes, self satisfaction is fun, but let’s say your boss comes in and gives you a pat in the back or an encouragement word saying, “you’ve done a great job, nice work!“. Now tell me you wouldn’t take it as a motivational factor. Like said, live is not motionless, something else can drive us further to pursue onward. Now if my boss said that to me, I think I will carry on working with a better perspective on the job. As a matter of fact, humans are easily pleased when it comes to this.

But of course, if you really think no one’s supporting you, you can also take my other option which is talking to Elmo. I am sure Elmo will be happy to listen to what you have to say! So don’t be sad to say nothing motivates someone to live on their life.

Relax in Redang

Or if you just don’t want to see all this, just reward yourself with a rest in an island, maybe Redang Island.


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