Love is a Question

When you felt you walk through your daily life. You met so many people around. You even take the time and trouble to go far ahead to get to know the person you wanted to know. You even take time off to go for holidays and also try to be as close to that certain someone.

Funny though, not all things end in fairy tale like. Well, after going through all that trouble, you suddenly find yourself not having that thrill of doing the same thing you’ve been doing! You’re just not that enthusiastic suddenly. Funny isn’t it? Or let’s make it rather weird.

Yes, Lots of them think they fall in love whenever they meet someone they deem special. Hmm.. as I’ve always said, I believe love is practical. It does not only cover emotions but also actions and the practicality behind it. If you love someone, you love for a reason. You don’t simply say I love you to that someone without a reason.

I know some people like to say “Love needs no reason” but think about it. If you love someone, what is the reason you love that person. Let me tell you this, in eyes of the girl, giving that answer that Love needs no reason as you are… bla bla bla.. is seriously avoiding the question. Well, I mean majority, unless those fall in the category that I don’t bother what he says as long both have the same feelings. Then maybe you should stop reading this.

So if you think that perhaps that having gone through all the troubles of getting to know someone, you think it’s time to reap what you sow and expect rewards, think again. Life is never easy going and routine. Expect that whatever effort you put in to get to know someone as something life should be. Don’t ever say that I used up my time and energy but I still fail.

If she’s or he’s right for you, then it’ll slowly come. Hmm.. dang… Tuesday is giving me all the headaches again. Still got many unfinished work to do, I better stop right now and carry on my revelation the next post. *Hopefully*

Here’s some comic relief after the long talk.



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