Weird Realistic Dream

A dream that seems to be what you wanted to think.
Well I had this weird dream that was supposed to think it happened. Either I was transfixed out of my body or was sleep walking. I don’t get it.

I wwas dreaming my instructor from the Fitness Centre called me on the phone. My brother woke me up to answer the phone.
PT: Where are you today? Not coming for gym?
danielctw: Oh sleeping..
PT: Huh? Sleeping, you’re suppose to be here. Come at 7pm then.
danielctw: OH ok…

Then I walked back to my room and slept.

Now the funny thing is I woke up a while later, and thought, hey did I dreamt those things or did I really answer the phone call. Oh shit. My minds playing me into real world happenings that is logical. Guess I am in the Matrix.

Hmm…..anyway dreams sound so real, so I gave a call to my PT(Personal Trainer) and he confirmed with me that he didn’t call me this morning. OK…so this has got to be one very weird realistic dream.


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