A Night Owl

Owl??? We all know that owls are active at night. Yes… and so am I. I don’t know why, but I am so not me when I wake up in the morning. I am so pre-dominant in the day that I look so sleepy. People always ask, “Hey, you not enough sleep is it?”

Duhhh… well, guessed I am really a night owl. I am so so so active I can do lots of things and think very fast for a code to be written. I think I am OwlMan. Ehhh… noooo.. don’t influence me with Batman. Shoo… Shooo…

I think I am beginning to procrastinate my Perth post. Actually not that I wanted to, but there are photos need to be uploaded which might take a long time when I am doing it at home with my slow slow connection. So Ryu, if you’re still waiting… I am sorry ya, but can I post your that cute photo?? Hehehe!!!!

Well, anyway though I am supposed to be active by night, I still need to go to office in the morning. So if I don’t sleep now, I doubt I’ll be able to survive the whole day tomorrow morning. Just my luck… it 2:53am and I am still awake. It’s nearly 3am for crap.

So a night owl is a hunter by night, he still needs to get himself ready by the morning comes. Pray for me that I don’t fall asleep in the office ok? Thanks!!! *Hugs*


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