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All these time, I have gone through articles and notes in the Internet regarding entertainment (concerts and award ceremonies) being held in Malaysia (or those that are gonna be held). Malaysia as we all know is a very diverse culture, seemingly with the mainstreamed Malay, Chinese and Indian community the majority of it.

Note: Anyway these are one of those random thoughts that I have when I was reading about the facts of Malaysian entertainment. So if you think you can’t handle this, please excuse yourself.

Another important reason as to why I was suddenly thinking of reading articles about Malaysian entertainment was due to the fact that I stayed up to watch “Badrul oh Rahul” – a local movie in 2008 with actors Riezman Khuzaimi, Jasmin Hamid and Aida Aris being shown on television last night. Yes, I do watch Malay movies (1Malaysia right? Who says I am Chinese that I must watch only Chinese movies and I can’t watch others?)

Aida Aris
Aida Aris – main actress in this movie as Rita

Synopsis of the movie is kinda catchy. Here’s the synopsis in the Malay language considering that it’s a Malay movie.

Badrul bekerja sebagai penjual barangan di syarikat jualan langsung. Wajahnya mirip Rahul, pelakon Hindustan. Beliau sudah berkahwin dan mempunyai dua orang anak. Suatu hari Badrul telah menerima tawaran untuk menjadi model pakaian walaupun ditolak oleh isterinya, Tipah. Kemudian, Badrul telah berkenalan dengan Rita yang juga model di syarikat terbabit. Badrul memberitahu Rita yang beliau merupakan ahli perniagaan dan masih bujang. Lama kelamaan Badrul telah jatuh cinta dengan Rita tetapi takut diketahui oleh Tipah lalu beliau meminta nasihat dari rakan beliau, Damri. Damri menyarankan supaya hubungannya dengan Rita diputuskan dan jangan menjawab panggilannya. Rita berasa sedih lalu meminta nasihat daripada Ika, yang kebetulan pula adik ipar Badrul. Rita mendapat tahu Badrul telah menipunya, sebenarnya Badrul sudah berkahwin dan mempunyai dua orang anak. Walaupun begitu, Rita tetap mahu menjadi isteri kedua Badrul. Sesuatu telah berlaku antara Tipah dan Badrul yang mengakibatkan Tipah lari ke rumah ibu bapanya. Apakah sebenarnya yang berlaku?

Sepet Movie by Yasmin Ahmad

Anyway, I still remembered the time when Sharifah Amani (yes, I know about this actress as I watched her act in Sepet) received her award for Best Actress in AIM 2006 and she spoke these words,

“I will feel like stupid if I speak in Malay, so I’ll use English”

Yes, that’s what she said, and a prominent Malay newspaper quoted her in another way (which also angered the fellow yorais) which deliberately said that this was what she said.

“I feel stupid if I speak Malay”

See the difference. When will they ever learn?

Zee Avi
Zee Avi

Now, there was another artiste from the local scene that prompted headlines and one that was recently famous due to her Youtube videos which was none other than local celebrity Zee Avi (born Izyan Alirahman). Due to her busy schedule, she had to deny a few interviews from newspaper and the media. Somehow most of them are medias from the Malay language and then it was linked that she didn’t wanted to do interviews in the form of the Malay language. The claims were non-stop that she has forgotten her Malaysian roots.

What a way to welcome home our local artist, don’t you think so.

International Artistes

Now let’s move on to the international artiste scene. Who can ever forget about the Pussycat Dolls making their appearance in Malaysia, dancing and singing to their hit numbers.

Pussycat Dolls in Malaysia exposed

Strangely enough, they were caught not wearing underwear (panties) in one of the photos and thus the ‘shooting’ began. Well, after that scene, every international female artiste/s that comes down to Malaysia to perform had to accustomed themselves to the ‘laws’ of the country and dress with less skin. One of the noted one is Gwen Stefani.

Ever since then it has gotten strict and stricter, which explains that most artistes now chose Singapore as their hub in South East Asia to perform rather than the restrictive Malaysia.

Back to the Local Artistes

Anyway, let’s get back to the local artistes.

More importantly Sharifah Amani (one of the artist that I follow from Malaysia)

Sharifah Amani during Anugerah Skrin
picture by

She was critized by some of the netizens that she has forgotten her Malay roots (because of this photo), some even go to the point that ever since she had a ‘Mat Salleh’ boyfriend, she is becoming more and more daring, etc. Just look at what she’s wearing then you’ll know why the criticism is all about?

I wondered what are the roots they’re talking about? Let’s all go back to the time of P.Ramlee then.

P Ramlee and Saloma
P. Ramlee and SalomaP Ramlee and Saloma

I still remembered way back in P.Ramlee’s time (yes I do watched his movie, even though I am not Malay but a Malaysian), the female artiste all looked stunning with their curvaceous body and dressing. Those days Joget was fun thing every race could enjoy.

I wondered why no one ever bothered to say anything during those times but why now only they’ve started talking about what is deemed sexy and not allowed to wear. Political reasons? I guessed we will never know.

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