Lose my Tickets to Descent 2 from Nuffnang

ROARS!!!!! Oh no…. what am I turning into. It seems like I am getting more and more absent minded. These few days I have been forgetting certain things and forgetting to do certain things. Until at times I felt that I am getting blur and more blur than usual. Take this email which I have received from Nuffnang regarding their tickets that they have reserved for me on Tuesday 18th May 2010.

This was my entry to get the tickets.

“For someone like me who likes to walk outside in the dark during the kampung days, not much to be afraid of. Though in the deep dark cave, I will be afraid when I see Timothy Tiah in there without his clothes. ARGHHHHHH be afraid be very afraid. He’ll ask you what you’re doing here? GO get your invites to descent 2.”

The thing is I won! I got the tickets for Descent 2. Problem is I forgot to do something important which is to confirm it because I forgotten that I’ve gotten the email from them.

Here was the email they sent.

Dear Nuffnanger,

We would like to inform you that your invitations to the Nuffnang screening of The Descent 2 have been revoked as you did not confirm your attendance within the stipulated time. As such, they will be passed to other bloggers who didn’t make it in the initial list.

Kindly take note.

Now you can see me all sad and feel dejected. So I wonder if I can get the Prince of Persia screening tickets instead. Then my face will go from sad to happy. =D

Side note: I know many people have seen me acting the cool pose and can’t seem to smile. Wanna know why? Here let me show you a recent shot (okay it was month’s back) and me trying to smile directly in front of a camera. That’s why I can never smile properly. Just look at the proof.

Weird Daniel Chew cannot smile

See see! I don’t know how to smile right? Weird me.

ARGHHHH!!!!!!!! It’s my first time missing a movie invite like that. To whoever that was lucky to get my pair of tickets, you guys are lucky for having someone as blur as me. *cries* I felt like want to release my power inside me and maybe blast a KAME HAME HA!

Hame Ha

Note: This photo was taken from an old post about Nuffnang screening on Dragonball.

So next time someone please remind me not to be so forgetful.


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