What a Wide World

To a mere mortal, they once thought the world was flat where if we travel to the ends of the earth, we would fall over the edge and never be seen. This time though, the world as we know is vast and the planet we call home, Earth is just part of the solar system we call the Milky Way.

Seeing how wide the world is, one wonders how were they formed. These can be theorize by Darwin followers, or believers of their own respective religions as to how it was formed. Nevertheless I would want to look at what a wide world out there. So what can I do to see wide. Here’s what I am planning to do in the coming month. Daniel will disappear for awhile to a certain place on a backpacking trip and yes, to look at all things wide. This is what will help me.

Wid Angle Camwhore

Just how wide can it go?


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  2. Angeline September 6, 2009

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