Tiger Blogfest 2010 – Tribute to TIGER

Daniel, the WEIRD ONE as some of you might refer me as, has been doing crazy and weird things since the day he blogs here. Well, not to mention that traveling is definitely one of them. As an avid traveler, I am more of a fan of wildlife and nature and traveling to places with lots of nature for me to take photos is a splendid thing to do. (Well, to me though)

It was just a week ago, when there was a Tiger Blogfest 2010 being held on the Saturday organized well enough by PlanetOfTheMonyets. Well, it was being held to uphold the rights of the tiger. In other words, we have to keep people aware that we have to save the tigers. Tigers are one of those on the brink of extinction if we don’t do something soon. Of course, in Malaysia we don’t have lions here.

Tiger Swimming In Water

In my life, the only time I have seen a tiger was in a zoo and wildlife sanctuaries. Of course, I got a chance to take a few shots of the mighty tiger there. One of them was practically swimming and cooling down in the water. Now who said that cats are afraid of the water?

Surprisingly, tigers exist too in my playing life. Well, I mean Magic the Gathering cards too, where there are a few cards. One of the nicest ones are that they look so mighty and strong in the illustrations, I have a collection of tiger cards at home, still incomplete though.

Scythe Tiger MTG Card

So to cut things short, have a look at all the other tiger shots that were taken by none other than the blogger himself.

Tiger Flash

I am the GLITTERING TIGER. Take that you glittering vampires.

Tiger Ponders into Nowhere

I am wondering!

Wild Tiger I See Food

Ahhhhh~~~~ I sense food taking photos of me!


Ps: As of now, photos will be “logofied” with the new logo. DC means Daniel Chew or DanielCtw.


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