Mammals of The Zoo

Time for another visit to the Zoo. The bull has asked for it. It’s now back to the mammal class instead of the birds. Well, so considering the mammals pride, let’s bring it on. The Bull with it’s wonderful horns.

I love the vivid colors on the Nikon body.

Nikon D40

The Bull

Mooooooo…….. don’t mess with me yeah…

Aside from the bull or the cow or the buffalo or whatever you want to call it, So what do you call a male elephant?

A bull right :P, so let’s say hello to the elephant. Well, this time a decent close up on the elephant. Please mind the biggieness in this photo.

Elephant Trunk

Is this a male or a female. Aside from using the sexual organs to differentiate the gender of the elephant, what else can you think of to differentiate them? Think Think Think… I am sure some of you learnt it way back during primary school.

Oh yeah, talking about elephants, I have one shot of it with an elephant. Don’t believe me, I even stand beside it. Cool right…

I ain’t kidding you, Daniel standing with the elephant is like once in a lifetime. Never seen before. Okay….







danielctw with elephant

There, that’s me with the Elephant, right. I didn’t say it was a living one. Ho ho ho… bashed me up later in my comments if you want to.

But aside from just the Elephant, what I love the most in the Zoo is animals that I don’t get to see in this particular area here. The lions.. but too bad the lions are tired and dormant int the afternoon that they’re hiding at the back. So the only lion I could take was this, a lion statue.

Fake Lion

ROARS~~~ lol, look at the BOKEH.. well, not something a kitlens can do though. But then that’s all it takes… a majestic mane to go with the male lion. Oh speaking of that, still trying to figure out how to differentiate the male elephant?

Well, rodents are way cool in the zoo, they’re everywhere, but I love the porcupine. Well, though, there isn’t any way you gonna have a chance to see a skunk close range though, so might as well settle with the prickly Porcupine and Baby Porcupine.

Porcupine and baby porcupine

At one time it raised up it’s thorns like it’s gonna shoot right to me, maybe due to the baby being there. Protective parents I supposed. Well, if they get intimidated, that’s bound to happen.

Anyway remembered the previous photo with the Elephant. Haha.. well, here’s the photo now with the hippopotamus. Yes, ain’t gonna keep you people in suspense (fake) so there you have it…

Oh, I can’t smile in photos. I can’t seem to smile naturally on cameras unlike someone who can smile so naturally in this blog post. Well, so instead of smiling, why not just a cool pose then. LOL…

danielctw on the hippo

Well, if you can’t do one thing, just improvise. That’s how I can pose. LOL…

We’re coming to the end of this post. So of course I would want to present one of my favorite mammal photo of this post. None other than the TIGER.

Yes, the TIGER that is kind of common in South East Asia.

Tiger In Water

Look at the Tiger swimming in the water and cooling off. Much as they say that cats are afraid of water, the tiger loves to cool down and swim in the water. They’re excellent swimmers too. Look at it, he’s totally enjoying the coolness, the eyes are closed.

So there you have it, the tiger for the finale.

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