I Effectively Travel with a Budget

It is now October 2010. It has been like a hectic lifestyle for me this year with loads of events and photos and also mainly due to travel. Unlike last year where the main part of the travel plans is to Lhasa, Tibet. This year the places I have gone are Indonesia (Yogyakarta, Bali, Jakarta), Philippines (Manila, Vigan) and finally to Taiwan (Taipei, Shihlin, etc). Thatโ€™s like load of travel plans I had this year. 3 different destinations and the amount I spent was only RM4k++ or the equivalent of USD1.5k inclusive of flight expenses.

Travel On The Flight

Budget Traveling

The price there stated above is definitely cheaper than my 1 time travel to Tibet in year 2009 that reached around RM7000. As most of the time package of traveling in the places specified is usually tour group prices, the only thing that one can get it cheaper is by going on your vacation with cheap airline tickets. Imagine going to a place by flight with only RM9 (USD3) with a tax of RM30 (USD10) for a return journey. That will be the most awesome thing to do. Save on flight and enjoy the rest of it on the trip instead for example food, shopping, souvenirs, spas, mountain climbing and some scuba diving.

Cliff Behind the Clouds

Isn’t that what we all wanted, to enjoy the trip more than paying for the flight ticket. That is unless you’re someone who enjoys sitting at the first class seat. This is definitely not me.

Spending on Flights

I wouldn’t want to spend my cash on flights when I can at least use it to try weird stuffs like drinking from this hot pot of weird herbal soup with chicken remains.

Strange Herbal Soup in Tibet

Yummy~~~ I must say, when you’re hungry, you’re definitely not choosy. The above is a delicacy in one of the towns in Tibet.

In a travel, budget is important, as you will never know when you will be short of cash. Of course when you’re traveling always enjoy yourself and don’t constraint yourself with too minimal expenditure when you bring like RM500 for traveling but only spend like RM5. Well, you get the point. So just go ahead and enjoy. I know I will do that every opportunity I get travel and that’s what I want to tell other people who got that opportunity.


Daniel Chew acting weird with a Tripod. Cool pose though

Be yourself. As for me, BE WEIRD but COOL. (Now where can you find someone who poses with a tripod and trying to act all cool)


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