Away To The Peak

Hello Readers of Weird Weird Denial, yes, it’s me Daniel and I have something to say. Due to the fact that it’s now the holidays, I have taken the liberty to go on a trip somewhere.

Yes, I know that though I haven’t been updating frequently, I will miss you people, though I hope you all miss me too. 🙂 It’s been such a long time since I last went on a traveling trip. Well, now that I’ve gotten a stable job and such, it’s time to do some traveling, and yes, prepare for more photos.

Miss You

Now where am I going? Let’s just say I traveled there once, so I am going there again. A clue is on the TITLE itself.

Another thing is I’ll be back the following week on Thursday, so I think with the help of my friendly guest bloggers, (yes.. they are still there whenever I am not around), I hope you give them your support as how they give me their support.

DanielCtw Will Be Right Back

Lots of kisses and hugs. (OMG a guy who says something like that!!!)


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